Invisible Chains

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By Guest Author I became active in discussing the harms of pornography after completing my Masters thesis on drug use. It struck me when over and over again in focus groups and interviews people, often men, we would talk about sex addiction. As a young man at the time, I laughed this off. Aren’t all young men addicted to sex, … Read More

I would watch porn again if it actually worked

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Can I be honest with you? If every time I saw pornography I felt like the very first time I saw it, I would watch porn again. Yes, you read that correctly. When I think back to being 14 years old, the first time I truly saw hardcore pornography, I can still remember those first moments of stumbling across it. … Read More

The Lonely Legacy Of Hugh Hefner: The Playboy Who Didn’t Learn How To Tango

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By Josh Gilman: The top trending story around the world this morning was the death of the founder of Playboy, Hugh Hefner. The death of every human is a sad day, but unfortunately today’s memorials to the man who made pornography so mainstream he nearly put himself out of business, are in their very adulation a condemnation of his life’s … Read More

Why I choose pain over porn

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By Josh Gilman: When I first heard that pornography was like a drug, I had no problem believing it; the way I used it was exactly like a drug. Pornography was my emotional stabilizer. The numbing effect of the chemicals it released into my brain were how I tried to control the roller coaster of emotions of being a teenager. … Read More

Nazis, Porn, & a brave old man

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By Josh Gilman One of my heroes is a man whose first name I can’t remember. I only remember him as “Father Ten Boom”. The Ten Boom family was a dutch family, living in Holland who famously hid Jewish people in a small secret room in their home during the Nazi Occupation during World War 2. Their story is powerfully told … Read More

4 Lies You Probably Believe About Porn

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There is a lot of misinformation in the world about pornography. Watch the below video to hear how to respond to the following lies about porn. #1 – You Can Stop Anytime You Want #2 – Porn Doesn’t Hurt Anyone #3 – You Can Learn Helpful Things About Sex From Porn #4 – Porn Is Better Than Demanding Sex Want … Read More